Exhibition Design

Uusix at Helsinki Museo/ 2012

During the spring and summer of 2012 I worked as a project-based designer for Uusix: a social enterprise of Helsinki. I designed an interactive space at Helsinki Museum for the exhibition ‘Made in Helsinki 1700-2012’ for the World Design Capital year 2012. Uusix was presented as the contemporary enterprise which is still producing with local handcrafting facilities. With donated pre- and post-consumer waste, Uusix is creating unique design objects from textiles, wood, metal etc. The interactive space is framed by a 13 m panorama, which I took from the workers at Uusix. Central is a material forest which can be explored by using pillows filled with different materials. During the period of 1.5 years, diverse monthly recycle design workshops were facilitated within this space, to make Uusix more visible and present in Helsinki. The idea and the enterprise Uusix is explained in supplementary exhibition material (posters and a brochure – see below) which I designed too.





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