Make{able} is a project and an open collaboration to encourage everyone to become active makers of their own clothing, supported by designers, and the concept of half-way products. I developed and tested the concept during the production of my Master Thesis:
Joyful Participation in new ways of designing and making clothes.

In the year 2013, the project received funding from the EU, to facilitate more workshops in the greater Helsinki area. With a wonderful team of designers, activists and photographers we managed to host over 120 people at diverse workshops. The website Makeable4U also provides DIY instructions, videos and patterns to keep making at home or with friends.


In the Make{able} workshops we see design as a tool to empower and en{able} people with knowledge, skills, ideas. Participants gain knowledge on sustainable fashion, garment making and how to live more sustainably. The goal is to en{able} a greater freedom and independency of the industry, and provide everybody with an insight into clothes-making and its related effort and opportunities. The skills gained during the process will help them to redesign, repair and update their clothes if desired. The main point is to have fun together on making something beautiful to wear, love and value for a long time!

3 Articles were published about the project Make{able} based on 3 different interviews with Anja Lisa Hirscher:

Martha Magazine, Nb.5, 2012, pp. 20-22
Aino Magazine, Nb.4, 2013, pp. 34-37 South Korean Design Magazine, online. Published: 14. Dec. 2013

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Link to the project:


Illustrated DIY instructions.

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