During my work as research assistant, workshop facilitator and doctoral student I have published a number of journal & conference papers, as well as 2 book chapters.


Hirscher, A.L. (2020). When Skillful Participation Becomes Design: Making clothes together. Aalto ARTS Books, Helsinki. Download here.

Journal Papers: 

Hirscher, A.L. (2020). “Hey, I can do that too!”: Skilful participation thriving in a co-sewing café. CoDesign – International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts. In Press. 

Hirscher, A.L., Mazzarella, F., Luke, A. (2019). Socializing Value Creation Through Practices of Making Clothing Differently: A Case Study of a Makershop With Diverse Locals, Fashion Practice, Volume 11 Issue 1.

Hirscher, A.L., Mazé, R. (2019). Stuff Matters in Participation: Infrastructuring a Co-Sewing Café. Journal of Peer Production. Issue 13.

Becker-Leifhold, C. & Hirscher, A.L. (2019). Fashion libraries as a means for sustainability education – An exploratory case study of adolescents’ consumer culture. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development.  13(2), 129–151.

Hirscher, A.L., Niinimäki, K., Armstrong, C., (2018). Social Manufacturing in the Fashion sector: New value creation through alternative design strategies?  Journal of Cleaner Production.  Volume 172, pp. 4544-4554

Geiger, S.M., Hirscher, A., Müller, M. (2017). Maßnahmenevaluation im transdisziplinären Forschungssetting. GAIA. 26 (2) pp.137-138.

Hirscher, A.L. (2013). Fashion Activism – Evaluation and Application of Fashion Activism Strategies to Ease Transition towards Sustainable Consumption Behaviour. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel. Vol. 17:1, pp. 23-38. BEST PAPER AWARD


Becker-Leifhold, C. & Hirscher, A.L. (2017). A fashion library as education for sustainability: An exploratory case study. ERSCP Conference 2017, Skiathos, Griechenland 2017.

Hirscher, A.-L. & Maze, R. (2017). Negotiating Values in Design: A case of establishing and running a co-sewing café. NORDES – Nordic Design Research Conference. Oslo. 15-17 Juni.

Hirscher, A.L. & Iran, S. (2016). Sewing Café – Participatory Design Platform for Connceted Consumption?. Gloabal Fashion Conference. Stockholm. 20-21 Oktober 2016.

Hirscher, A.L. & Valle, J. (2015). Open Ends: On Chance and Attachment in Clothing Design. Making Research I Research Making. Creative Practice Conference. 10-12 September. Aarhus School of Architecture. 

Hirscher, A.L. & Niinimäki, K. (2013). Fashion Activism through Participatory Design. Crafting the Future. Gothenburg. 17-19 April 2013.

Buch (Kapitel)

Fuad-Luke, A., Hirscher, A., Moebus, K. (eds.) (2015). Agents of Alternatives; Re-desigining our realities. Agents of Alternativies: Berlin, Germany.

Hirscher, A.L. & Fuad-Luke, A. (2013). Open Participatory Designing for an Alternative Fashion Economy. In: Kirsi Niinimäki (ed.) Sustainable Fashion – New Approaches. Aalto ARTS Publishing. pp. 174-197.

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